Philadelphia borders New Jersey, and is the largest city of Pennsylvania State Of US.  The historic ‘Declaration Of Independence’ was signed in this city in 1776, and is thus considered to be the ‘birth place’ of USA. Congress Hall, Independence Hall, and the Carpenters Hall comprises of the Historic District of this city. Locally operated philadelphia tours or san francisco tours are the best means to see all the attractions of a vast city like Philadelphia or Sans Francisco, within reasonable time limits.  Philadelphia, also known as the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, comprises of large variety of sight-seeing attractions such as the Old City, the China town and Society hill of the Historic district, the Rittenhouse square, Penns Landing and the avenue of arts belonging to the Italian district. Most of these historical place can be visited by foot, provided one has ‘enough’ time on their schedule. For all others who are ‘rushing against the clock’, there are a variety of trips that can be undertaken by trolley, bus, river cruises, horse and carriages, amphibious ducks or air tours by helicopter.

There are upto 90 museums to visit in chicago tours, and thus one needs enough prior-planning to make a visit, to at least the most important among them. Rodin Museum, Philadelphia museum of Art, the History Museum, The Franklin Science Museum, and the ‘Please Touch’ museum are some of the popular museums that must not be missed.  Unlike las vegas tours which concentrate on the gambling and clubbing aspect of Las vegas, and the washington dc tours, that give prominence to the modernity of the Capital of USA, Philadelphia guided tours offer its tourists, a wide range of interests covering history, museum, zoo, park and markets. Additionally, it also offer its visitors great variety of choice in shopping in the form of souvenirs, antiques, arts, crafts, along with some mouth watering up market restaurants, that are popular for having the best American chefs, as their owners.  True, a trip to Philadelphia is incomplete without tasting one of those messy, delicious melted sandwich named ‘Philly Cheese steak’.